ALWAYS REMEMBER! The Single Most Important Strategy to Live a Life of Meaning and to Achieve Anything – in Business and Life
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REMEMBER! Believe me, that is the most important word you want to know and keep in mind all through this year and beyond if you want to always achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. And this is true whether you run a big corporation, a start-up or a social enterprise; or if all you want is to just attain some personal standards, realize family or organizational goals, or if you just want to really accomplish those New Year resolutions.

One thing I’ve found out in my few years on earth: life is a difficult, sometimes painful, journey. And at times it gets really messy. So messy that one might just feel like ending it all; or at least, giving up on all those futile hopes, impossible dreams and disappointing expectations – not living, simply existing, waiting for whatever comes. I’ve been at both places and I know how frustrating it can be.

But one other thing I’ve discovered is this: that it is not really the painful experiences of life that keep us away from our goals. No, it is mostly the daily routine of living. You plan to further your education so as to qualify for that position that will pay enough to raise your family’s fortune; you wish to stop drinking or smoking or nagging or getting those fits of anger; you really hope your business will break new grounds with the strategy you are planning to implement; you wonder how you can really beat the competition; you want this and you want that. You have made up your mind to really achieve it this time.

But just as always, as time goes by, you suddenly seem to wake up one day to the painful realization that those issues are still there; you have once again failed to accomplish any or most of what you planned to. And then you wonder why. Why is it so hard to just go out and make your dreams come true? To live up to those standards? To accomplish those goals and just have your heart’s desires? What can you do?

Well, let me start by telling you why you failed to accomplish those goals and then I’ll share with you how you can always accomplish them.

You forgot! Yes, you failed to remember!

That is the simple reason why you fail to accomplish anything in life: you failed to remember what it is you really want. Maybe for a while you keep it in mind and did all you could, but after some time, you just let it slip off your mind, overtaken by other ‘important’ issues. How many of you reading this can at the snap of a finger list those items on your New Year resolutions or on the To Do List you created last month, or two months or three months ago? How many of you can clearly explain your organization’s values… the true reason why you started that business or joined the company, other than just earning a living and beating the competition? How many even remember their purpose for living: who they are and what they live for, other than just being a walking, working machine?

If you wish to accomplish anything that you set out to achieve, you need to keep remembering it – for as long as it takes. It may take a week or a decade, but as long as you don’t forget, if you will always remember, you will accomplish it (or them).

This word (though I prefer to call it a strategy) is so powerful that not only will it help you to accomplish your goals and fulfill your life’s purpose; it will also save you from harm and heartaches. I remember as a young African, when you are leaving home either for school or to visit on holidays, your parents will always tell you: remember the son/daughter of whom you are; remember where you are coming from. Because as long as you remember, you won’t keep company with the wrong crowd; you won’t ‘put your hand’ in situations you know your parents would not be able to handle. For example, remembering how your poor parents struggled to gather money from different sources (and possibly your own role too) for your tuition will keep you focused in school; you can’t misuse the opportunity like those kids whose parents pay their way through school out of abundance. You can’t get on the wrong side of the law, because while some families can afford to buy the law, you know you will only languish in detention.

You want to always achieve whatever it is you want? Then you need to always remember. You need to remember who you are; what your purpose and values are; what you must do to become who you want to be or to get where you wish to go. Because if you forget for a moment, and another moment, then you are likely to get distracted by all the noise in the world (these are the pleasures and pressures of life) and miss your road.

A good illustration of how important this is, is what happened immediately after I received my divine calling to become a motivational speaker and to inspire the people on the road to individual and national growth. I found myself regularly drawn into arguments with people – people whose mindset and ideas are contrary to the truth I ‘preach’ and who are so eager to argue with me. I didn’t like this and so I approached God and asked why. I asked how I would inspire a people who did not want to know or learn. And you know the answer I got? God said He has not sent me to argue with people but to inspire them! My job was not to try to prove any point with any individual or persons but to inspire from the stage, the podium, only those who will be humble enough to believe and accept what I have to say. This truth staggered me but put me back on track: I am to inspire audiences and not argue with individuals. Now I remember that always and the arguments have since stopped. I am now living my purpose!

So, Remember: that is the name of your lifelong guardian angel. As long as you remember, you can achieve anything, live a life of meaning and purpose, and be truly happy – in life as in business.

But is there a strategy you can use to help you to always remember and not forget the important things in your life?

Yes, there is.

And I will be sharing this in the concluding part of this blog – in my next post. I’ve decided to publish my motivational blog twice a week, instead of once, to serve my audiences better. The blog now comes every Sunday and Wednesday. And so you will be getting this strategy on Wednesday. Please keep a date.

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