ALWAYS REMEMBER! The Single Most Important Strategy to Live a Life of Meaning and to Achieve Anything – in Business and Life (Part 2)

This is the concluding part of the blog on how you can always achieve anything you want to, that is, by always remembering. I promised to share the strategy on how you can ensure that you always remember, and not forget, the important things you want in your life.
So, here is the first step:

Keep the Vision Constantly Before You
If you truly want to remember something, in the midst of conflicting wants and needs and to dos, you have to constantly see it. Not put it in mind; put it before your eyes, where you can always see it in the physical.
Since the time that I came to the realization about my own work, I typed and printed a page of the bible verse that defined my purpose and pasted it on the door of my wardrobe, where I would see it every morning and evening, at the least. So every day as I wake up and before I go to sleep every night, I see my purpose and read it out loud. Then I remind myself that my work is to inspire and not to argue, no matter how tempting it may be. With the demands of my 8-4 job and the daily challenges of living in a developing country, it is very easy to get angry, frustrated and to yell and argue; it’s a struggle to be patient with people, talk less of motivating them. Many of the people are annoying; many others are better off than me and I sometimes wonder how and why I should be the one to encourage someone who is making more money and seems to have a better life than mine. But yet, my purpose – of which I’m reminded morning and night – requires me to. Unless I have that scripture before my eyes every day reminding me of who I am, living my purpose would have been impossible. I would have forgotten, just trying to survive life every day. But seeing and speaking the purpose everyday not only focuses me, it also gives me the strength to move on toward the achievement of that purpose – seeing it makes it so close and gives momentum to the desire to possess it.
So keep the vision, goal or dream before you: a picture, document, an object or even a phone reminder; something tangible close by to always present to your mind what you must achieve. The human brain is a product of repetition; it is bound to work towards the actualization of whatever is constantly presented before it. Feed your brain, your mind, every day every time with your dreams, your hopes, your destination, and it will fashion a way to get you there.
Let me sound a warning here: unless you decide and work hard to focus your mind on the positive things you want in your life; life will present and occupy your mind (and your time) with the negative things. If you want to be truly happy, keep your purpose always before you so as to remember what it is that is important and matters most to you or else life will distract you with its trivialities.

The next thing you should do is to: Do all that is needed as they come to mind.
Keep working on your goals on a daily basis; do something in the direction of your goals as they come up in your mind. No matter how little, do them. You see, life is not made up of the big things – the big breaks, as we call them – but of the little things that we do regularly. Anthony Robbins calls them ‘the rituals’.
You want to raise the standard of your relationship, decide to make regular calls and say I love you or other sweet words; you want to keep fit, decide to make exercise part of your daily routine, not visiting the gym and lifting weights every two months or when you feel you have the time. You want to take your business to the next level, decide to incorporate those values, principles and practices that are required on a daily basis; work every day hitting that rock until it begins to take the shape you desire.
You want to always achieve your goals, then always remember what those goals are. And to remember, keep the vision constantly before you – always see what you want and why you want it. And then, do something no matter how small in the direction of those goals. That way, you will see yourself finding answers to every question and making a reality of all your dreams and aspirations.

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