All of Life is Yours: Take It


“You are not a misfit; you only do not know how you fit in yet” – Wole Adeoye

There is a great evil that I’ve noticed in the world… and it’s not poverty or war or terminal diseases, devastating earthquakes or even modern slavery. Terrible as these things are, they are nowhere near the degree of destruction and pain that this particular evil causes the human race.
And this evil is the belief by certain individuals, for whatever reason, that they are created for a life of mediocrity. The belief that there is no need to try, to hustle, to struggle and strive, to push to reach that point and place that the soul so yearns for. It is the acceptance of fate, of destiny, of whatever that is written that defines how far one can go in life. It is the sickening conclusion by a person that while some others may be destined for greatness and abundance; their portion in life is either penury or average existence, living from hand to mouth, barely surviving, unhappy, existing at the mercy of others.
It is hopelessness! And sad and unbelievable as it may sound, we are all, in varying degrees, victims of this evil.
You are looking through the window of your day job wishing you could be as free as the consultant next door who runs his own business and his own life (but knowing somehow that you can’t do that); you have your own business but wonder why you are not just cut out for the big corporation thing even though you want it with your whole being; you desire like your neighbours and friends a wonderful marriage, great kids, better job, bigger house and cars, meaningful and purposeful and happy life; but all you do is keep asking yourself why life won’t just give you these things.
Well, I have news for you: all those people you admire, life didn’t give them what they have; they just go out and take it. And life won’t give you anything either; you have to go out and take what you want. You have to stop being a victim of hopelessness; become hopeful that anything and everything is possible – then go for it. Hope is not passive; it is active. It charges a person to jump into action.
All of the good stuff that you see in the world that characterize human advancement: automobiles, jets, ships, sky scrapers, conglomerates, smart phones, medical and technological discoveries, etc were made possible by ordinary humans who believe that life should and can be better and that there is a way forward from where they stand and from where the world stands.
And my conclusion today based on innumerable human experiences is that for you, reading this today, there is a way forward from where you stand, and from where the world stands for you. You are not just here to add to the number, you are here for a specific purpose. You are here to do something special, to make an impact. To change the world from where you stand. Think you are too little or unimportant to make a difference? Hear what Dalai Lama said: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
Look to the horizons; let go of your fear. Believe that you can and that you should – you must! Take that first step and watch where you go from there. All of life is yours; take what you will.

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