The Day That Turns Your Life Around


In what I consider one of his finest speeches, the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn recounted the experience of the day that turned his life around and shared four principles of the day that will turn a person’s life around. These principles are:

  1. Disgust

The day you say ‘enough is enough’ of the embarrassing life.

  1. Decision

The day you take vital decisions for your life. He said decisions taken for two days can give enough inspiration for the next 5 years.

  1. Desire

Wanting something bad enough. Desire, he said, sometimes wait for a trigger, for something to happen – a song, lyric, book, seminar, sermon, dialogue, an experience. He also said: ‘welcome every experience; you never know which one will turn things around’.

  1. Resolve

I will. I’ll do it or die! Promising yourself you will never give up until….

This is Jim Rohn’s method for turning your life around. You can Follow This Link to watch the powerful video where he gave the formula.

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