The Greatest Speech Ever


I recently read about a time that Winston Churchill returned to his old college to deliver a speech, and the speech he gave that day has been described as one of his best ever. What is this great speech?
“Never, never, never, never give up.”
That’s it. Six words, yet described as one of his greatest speeches ever. But why? What makes this speech so important? It is because this is the most significant secret of anyone who is ever successful in any endeavour: never ever give up!
Ask anyone you know who has achieved anything worthwhile; from keeping a successful family to becoming the richest man on earth. They will all tell you it’s hard, frustrating, almost impossible; but they achieved it because they refused to give up. They refused to quit, to throw in the towel. They held on when it was tough and rough; they persevered; they persisted; they held out.
I consider this the greatest speech ever because it contains the greatest truth. See, you can show a man a million ways and strategies to succeed; but if he will not learn this one truth, he will fail ultimately. Because even the best strategies will only work if one is willing to work at anything long and hard enough; nothing works overnight or instantly, except deception and magic.
But what about miracles, you might ask? And you would have got me there. But I have studied enough of the bible to know that after Jesus healed a person, he would say to them: go and sin no more, lest something worse than this comes upon you. So, to even sustain a miracle and make it a success requires working at it, continually. Nothing good comes easy, as they say.
Life is hard, I know. Succeeding in life is even harder – I’m living it so I know. But if you will not give up, not today, not tomorrow, not ever, if you will hold on and keep hoping and working, you will make it!
You were made for greatness; go and make it.

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