Now Or Never: You Need to Decide

Muhammad Ali is dead! I doubt if this is news to you. But not to assume (in case you’re wondering) Muhammad Ali is the former boxing heavyweight champion of the world, described as perhaps the most popular sports person the world over. He breathed his last on Friday, 3rd June.
The news of his death honestly did not shock me, for though he was not so old (he died at 74 years) he had been sick and spent the last hour of his life surrounded by his family. This is a blessing not enjoyed by many. However, his death pained me. Ali was a great man, popular for his affability despite being a successful boxer. But more importantly, his presence – his life – was an inspiration to millions around the world.
Ali is a legend and his death is a loss to our world.
But it’s not merely Ali’s death, or even his life, that led me to write these lines. It was the story of his life that inspired me. The way he used his gift; his confidence and personality; his determination and ruggedness; and the grand manner in which he lived the rest of his life after retiring from sports and fame, by continuing to serve humanity through his nonprofit foundation for peace and justice. There is a lesson in his life and death for me and you.
How are you using your gift to serve humanity? Or even yourself and those around you.
Life is short. It doesn’t matter how long we live, we are still going to feel like it’s too soon when the grim reaper comes and it is time to draw our last breath. I do not mean to scare you; but Pastor Adeboye said “If you are not thinking about your end, it’s either you are too young or you are a fool.”
Life is really short and our time here is but a brief journey; soon enough, the end will come and it will be time to move on. When that time comes, will you be satisfied with the work you have done? Will you feel fulfilled that you’ve given your best and done all that you could?
The only way to meet the end prepared is to live today like it’s your last. Decide to do all that you can today; forgive where necessary, make amends where need be; help all you can and shed as many burdens and weights as possible.
Reach for the power that’s within and let it propel you to great things. Today is the day to do what should be done – at least to start. Live life the way you want, but in a way that pleases you and brings no harm to others. Think of where you can make a difference, then go and make the difference. Stop hiding your gifts; let the world see all the good that’s in you.
No one is promised tomorrow; so today is the day to decide. To arise. To act. To show the way. To become. To fulfill your purpose for being here.
Below is a video of an interview of Muhammad Ali; when asked what he planned to do after retiring from boxing, listen to what he said about the shortness of life and man’s purpose. Let his words inspire you.

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