Choose Your Path


“Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” – The Holy Bible

Choose your path – a purpose to pursue and fulfill in life.
This is so important, because if you fail to find a purpose to live for, you will end up living others peoples’ dreams and purposes; or worse still, you will find yourself amidst the regular crowd, going nowhere in particular, driven by the winds, with no specific destination or goal in mind.
Life is what it is called: life! It is energy, strength, hopes, aspirations, expectations… living. That is what life is. Life has promises, it is beautiful, it is a wonderful experience.
Yet, so many go through life unhappy, sorrowful, passive, and in the end – if they did not commit suicide – they just go to their graves unfulfilled, with nobody noticing, because they have failed to live.
Purpose – this is the ingredient that gives life meaning. And purpose simply, is choosing a path for yourself. A path to travel, a road to follow, a belief to pursue, a dream to attain. To have a purpose is to strive for something, to reach for an ideal, a noble cause; it is to find what your soul longs for; to pursue it with all your heart; and to make the attainment of it your only true happiness. As Will Smith puts it: “…this is what I believe; and I’m willing to die for it.”
We all have what we believe in; great truths that would have become our purposes. But only few live for their purposes. Why? Because it is hard; very hard. The road to a purposeful destination is fraught with loneliness, naysayers, mockers, betrayers, persecutors, a lot of hard work, discipline, sleepless nights/restless days, risks, financial/time prudence; and a host of other requirements that human beings are naturally averse to. Only very few are willing to pay this price.
But to those few who have paid the price, life holds meaning and true happiness. And this is also true for those who will be willing to make the necessary sacrifice until they break through.
The road to destruction (meaningless, worthless life) is wide and easy; it is filled with the crowd. The road to life is narrow and difficult; only a few will find it. But only those few will ever know the real meaning of life.
Purpose is the way to life. Choose your path; live a life of purpose. Choose to be among the few who will truly live.

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