YOU ARE MORE THAN CAPABLE: The Miracle of a Spermatozoon


Do you know how you came into being? Biologically, that is? Well, let me tell you the little that I know about that.
During a sexual intercourse, a man releases reproductive cell gametes, collectively called spermatozoa or sperm, which mingle with the female reproductive cells to begin the process of creation of life. But it’s not quite that simple.
Sperm, also called semen, contains millions of single cell gametes individually known as spermatozoon. This has an oval head with a nucleus, a short neck, and a tail by which it moves to find and fertilize an ovum. In a single ejaculation, a man releases between 40 million and 1.5 billion sperm cells. Of course, you know these are microscopic – microscopic and frail.
And yet, only one of these will struggle, competing against probably billion other gametes, in a journey to the woman’s ovum, and eventually succeed in fertilizing the egg. And when that happens, humans happen.
That was how you happened; you came to being by the efforts of a single, microscopic cell fighting desperately among billion others, refusing to give in or give up until it has succeeded. When it succeeds, an embryo eventually emerges, develops in the womb for 8 months, struggle through a woman’s tight cervix to come to the world. And that life grows, until it becomes … you!
Pause for a moment to imagine this: that a seemingly lifeless thing, too small to be seen with the ordinary eyes, is what becomes the grown up that you are today. This is the miracle of a spermatozoon; the miracle of you.
This to me, is the greatest miracle of all time.
You are a miracle from the very start. You are the greatness that laid dormant in the testicles of a man, until you came to life in a shot of semen. You are a wonder and a marvel.
Look at that picture above – the flock of spermatozoa shooting for the egg; then take a look at yourself in the mirror – this man or woman you have become. Then, consider with me: if that could become this, what in the world can this not become? If a single cell mixing with an egg can create a living force, what can that human force not bring to life, not make possible?
Constantly remind yourself of how you came into being and let that teach you that if you have a purpose and a will, you will always find a way.
Do you now see how you are a walking miracle? You need to bless the world with the wonder of your being. Let nothing hold you back.

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