Free Your Mind


Life is beautiful. Believe me, it is.
Unfortunately though, not many people can say this. And yet, it is humans – not the animals or the flowers or oceans – that make life beautiful. People it is that create the moments, and the experiences, that give meaning to life and to living.
Nature is a masterpiece, an exquisite work of art. But nature of itself is of little value without man’s invaluable input of appreciation. Everything that was ever made was made for man to enjoy… and to appreciate.
But if this is true, why then do we have so much pressure in our world? Why is living so painful and stressful? Why does human life seem to be characterized with such misery and pain, until sometimes it feels like that is all there ever is to life? Why do a lot of people see only ugliness and not the beauty?
You can change that, in your own life at least.
Put your foot on the brake – and keep it there. Pull to the sidewalk. Take a look around you… take in the scenery. Smell the scent of the flowers, the aroma of delicacies cooking in homes nearby; feel the gentle embrace of the drizzling rain. Watch the sky above you, so calm and quiet, and blue.
Isn’t what you see so beautiful? Do you not feel so peaceful from the inside?
Every once in a while, cease from the hustles of modern life. Free your mind from all the plotting and scheming. Unclutter your life. Find rest for your soul.
Remember that, no matter how much you acquire or make happen, it’s all over when you’re gone. It is only wise then that you enjoy the bliss of living while you’re still here.
Slow down a bit. Laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t fall for life; cos if you let it, life will kill you while you think you’re still living. Life with all its extremities will drag you into greed, and greed will imprison the soul. And when the soul is cold, nothing gives joy; life loses meaning; success fails to give happiness. Do not let yourself get to that place.
Tomorrow I may tell you to stand and fight. But today, pause, sit and enjoy life just where you are, with the people in your life. If you free your mind of worries and anxieties, you will find it easier to appreciate life and to love the people around you. If you learn to appreciate nature and the little things, then – and only then – will you begin to make every moment count. And every success then will be true success, with true happiness.
You need to free your mind!

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