Live Full


In order to lead a truly satisfying life, you have to live fully. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “live full; die empty.” It means to give all of yourself in your area of calling, so that when the end comes for you, you know you’ve emptied yourself; you’ve poured out your body, soul and spirit to make the most of what you do; you’ve given your best at all times in all things. And so in the end, you can stand confidently before God and say, “Of all that you gave me, I’ve wasted none. I used it all.”
But How Do You Live Full?
Two Keys:
Live Purposefully
Imagine getting in a taxi and when the driver asked ‘where?’ you replied ‘anywhere please.’ That is what living without purpose is like – going nowhere in particular! It’s worthless and unsatisfying.
For far too many people, life is leisure. They wake up, dress up, play and run around – all for nothing. Even their work is only for the purpose of leisure. There is no end in mind; no goal in sight. This kind of people expects to get always, and so they’re always disappointed. If their job, relationships, marriage, communities, religion are not giving them the pleasure they expect to get, they quit, sad and unfulfilled. They lack the understanding that the truly satisfied life is the one that gives.
Purpose gives meaning to life. It enables you to spend your time, energy and resources in a way that gives genuine pleasure and happiness to your soul – on something deep and lasting that truly satisfies and excites till the very end. And even after you’re gone, your work lives on.
Work Passionately
If you could hear me right now, you would hear me screaming: RAISE THE LID!!!
Raise the standard. Refuse to settle for what has been, for what is, for whatever.
This is what it means to do your work with passion. It is to know that there is more to be done; that there is a better way with far greater rewarding results. And then to strive for those results.
It is to understand in doing your work that you can always do more and do better, and that you must give the very best – and then more – of yourself because in the end, we are not more than the work we do. Our work is the best measure – and will be the greatest judge – of who we are and how we lived.
This is what John Wesley means when he said: “Set yourself on fire and the world will love to see you burn.”
Do you desire a life of impact? Do you desire that others appreciate your work and contributions? Then do your work with passion. Let the world feel the heat of your efforts. Give everything in you and of you! Give it with zest and enthusiasm. Waste nothing. Live full; die empty.

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