How To Truly Amaze


Britain’s Got Talent… and now everywhere’s got talent
American Idol… and now it’s every country’s idol
Project FameDancing With the StarsThe Voice Blind Auditions
Why do you think all these reality shows become hits with the people?
Someone might say it’s because people are given to leisure and entertainment and you would not be totally wrong. But you’d also not be very correct. Why? Because there are too many entertainment shows and leisure concepts that have failed woefully with people.
What then is the answer?
The simple answer is: people are amazed with these shows. I have dozens of AGT, BGT and several other clips on my phone and it’s not because I’m given to leisure (at least I don’t think so) or because I love to waste my phone data downloading hundreds of MBs worth of videos. No.
It’s because I’m inspired by these shows. I see otherwise helpless – and yes, hopeless – people coming on the shows and getting their destinies altered positively. These success stories amaze me and so I appreciate these shows which change people’s lives. Others feature unknown but greatly talented individuals and these further strengthen my belief that we live in a wonderful world and that every individual, with a little help, can achieve great things. These are the reasons why I and millions of other people love these shows.
So, to truly amaze with your life, work, product, business or service, do these:
– Stop trying to impress; rather, do everything to inspire.
– Stop trying to get others to like or follow you; instead, appreciate and serve others with commitment.
– Stop trying so hard to amaze and succeed. Keep trying so hard to help others to succeed and be amazing. You’ll be surprised how people will follow you and bring you the success you desire and deserve.
– Think about others and others will think about you – that’s the principle.

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