Jesus said: “All things are possible to him that believes.”

For a moment, just imagine that you could have all your needs met, your dreams actualized and your life just as perfectly as you want it. Imagine everything good that you’ve always wanted: a loving spouse and love-filled marriage; happy, sweet, well-behaved children and a heaven-made family; satisfying, well-paying job; rewarding career; flourishing business; dream home and cars; great health – body, soul, spirit; great relationships; perfect peace within and without; safe, healthy environment; a peaceful, loving, crime- and violence-free world, where every human loves the other and there’s no pushing or pulling.

Just imagine!

Sounds like pipe dream, but it’s possible. But only if you believe; if we all can believe as a people.

Take note though: believe is not a dream or a wish; it’s an act. Every believe is followed by a relative action. You believe you can stand and walk with your legs, so you don’t crawl; you believe your vehicle can move, so you get in it and drive – every believe is followed by a relative action.

“All things are possible to him (and her) who believes.” You need to truly believe that you can be all you want to be and have all that you want. Then, take steps of faith in the right direction, and the world will be to you all that you want it to be.

Believe. Act in faith. Become…. It’s possible.

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