Let the Race Begin

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What’s keeping you – fear, relationships, lack of adequate knowledge, not enough money, no support from people or government or your organization, wrong habits, procrastination or just sheer laziness? What exactly is keeping you from being the person you were meant to be; the person you know you should – and long to – be? What is your excuse for not taking the first right step in that right direction for your life and your dreams?

Why have you done nothing still about your new year resolutions? Why are you not making that crucial change; making that phone call, that visit; preparing the new resume; doing something about your relationship; keeping the promise not to buy on credit again and to watch your spending so you can come out of debt; taking responsibility for your spiritual life?

You know something is missing. You know you have to do something about it? You know what you should do to move your life forward. But the problem is… well, you just don’t seem to have the strength to start. You are certain you’ll do something, but….

But enough of but! The big question is: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START!

Remember we’re all living life on credit, and we do not know how much credit we’ve got left. And when the credit’s used up; it’s all over. No second chance, no recharge. You’ve only got this one chance to do it right.

In this world, your life is in your hands. You determine how far and how good you want to grow: spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically, and in any other way. You determine WHEN you want to grow. YOU DECIDE WHEN YOU WANT TO BEGIN TO MAKE A CHANGE FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE; TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR LIFE.

So, what are you going to do?

This is my first blog in 2017 (since I decided to move my blog and other writing activities to a different website, apart from my personal website) and I choose to use this post to tell you the truth. In my candid opinion; you’ve waited for too long, far too long.

I wish you the best in this year and the years ahead; I wish you achieve your deepest desires and become all you hope to become. But you can’t wish that into reality; you have to do something. As 2017 quickly rolls on, DECIDE AND BEGIN work on your goals and dreams.

Stop waiting. Let the race begin! Today. Now.

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