Your One Match…


If you only had one match, to light your path in a dark road on a dark night
How would you handle that match?

If you only had one life – to live, to love, to do and be all that you will
How would you spend that life?

If you only had one day, and that is all you’ve got
What would you do with such a day?
Would you cherish and maximize every moment of that day?
Or would you lavish it – spend it carelessly on frivolities, passing pleasures and creating painful memories?

For indeed that is all you’ve got; all we’ve got:
Moments of a single day
One short life to do all we will
And one match – gift, talent, money, opportunity, idea, dream, passion, purpose, calling, career – to light our way and light the world.

“I might only have one match, But I can make an explosion” – Rachel Platten, Fight Song

What can you do with your match? What will you do?

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