What Kind Are You?


I’ve observed and found there are broadly four categories of people. What kind are you? Which would you choose to be from this moment forward?

The Doers or Performers

These are the actors in the theatre of life. They try, they stumble, they rise and fall. Then they rise again. And try harder. They withstand the pains, the toils and trials, the disappointments, loneliness and ridicules. They know what they want and will not stop until they have it. They break records; they define boundaries; they shape our world. In big things and little things, they fight until they win.

They are the achievers!

The Helpers

These kinds are a mixed lot. There are the helpers who willingly go out of their way to support the doers positively. And everyone needs these. These kind helps others and can still go ahead to create their own thing.

But then there are those who are made to help because they are doing nothing of their own. They are forced to serve others. This kind works to bring others success, but may never taste their own success.

The Watchers

These people watch to see where others would end. They sit on the fence and refuse to join in the game; they roll on their bed in their room and will not rise to try.

The watchers suffer inertia, procrastination and analysis paralysis.

The Talkers

This group has the highest number of members; it’s the biggest club in the world – a free-for-all club. While the group has its own dedicated members, it sometimes borrows members from the watchers and helpers groups. The members are very good at praising, discussing, berating and mocking others, and their chief targets are the doers. They do nothing of their own but have something to say about everything that every other person is doing.

The talkers are just… well, talkers. They are not passive like the watchers; they’re actively talking.

So, which are you?

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