Share Your Gift


Each one of us has been endowed by God with special abilities that are unique to us – our gifts. With these, we can contribute something to the world in a way that nobody else can.

And the truth is, not only can nobody have or use our gifts in the same way as we, nobody will! What this means is that whatever gift you have that you are not using, nobody in the world is using it or will ever use it. Nobody will sing like you; nobody will dance, act, inspire, encourage, teach, assist, lead, innovate, coach, write, preach, motivate, coordinate, design, create, care, uplift, cook, or drive as good as you. And so, by not using your gift or not using it as optimally as you should, you are doing the world a disservice. You are denying humanity the priviledge of your being here.

It is not enough to discover or even use your gift, you must use it maximally; make the most of what you’re given in a way that it will be of the greatest benefit to others. Develop the skills requisite to raise your competencies; always strive to reach the greatest number of people with the best of your abilities.

Also, do not submit to the lie that you’re not good enough simply because people seem to be ignoring you or even mocking you at the start; it is like that for everyone when they started. You’ve got to pay your dues. Just keep doing your thing and improving your skills and level of contributions, and the world will soon learn to appreciate you and celebrate you.

Finally, do you know what virtually every successful person say after they’ve become successful? It is: “I never thought I’d be this successful… rich… famous.”

That’s right; you’ll never know just how great or wonderful you are, until you begin to use your gifts. The world is waiting for you.

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