I Believe in You


Believe me, I believe in you.

I know you think I’m lying; or at the most, just trying to make you feel good. How can I believe in you when I don’t even know you?

But you’re wrong. I know you and I know your story, more than you can imagine.


Because you’re human. Our stories are the same. We all rise and fall. Maybe not at the same time; maybe not with the same things; maybe not for the same reasons or persons. But we all rise and fall. We all have the same human emotions; same ups and downs.

Humans, more than we care to admit, believe in one another. You sit on the chair with confidence even though you didn’t put it there or make it yourself; you turn on the light switch because you believe the manufacturers (and not the product); you sleep in your apartment not minding the fact that you were not there to supervise the construction; you trust the watchman, your car manufacturer, the food vendors and supermarkets, the hospital and the drugs they pump into you. You trust people with your everyday activities. Sometimes, even with your life.

You believe in me, that’s why you are reading this, even though we’ve never met.

And that is why I believe in you.

I believe in your abilities. Your ability to make good judgement. To know what it is you want and to go after it. To know how far you can go and to push yourself until you reach that far; to endure, to persevere, to never say never.

I believe in you to make good that which you purposed in your heart. I believe you can try – and that you will indeed try until it’s done.

I believe if I survived over 20 years of excruciating respiratory problem, physical and emotional pains, and other debilitating health conditions, then you can survive whatever it is you’re going through; you can rise above that which is weighing you down.

My battles, my little victories, and the hope of the greater breakthroughs still to come, have taught me to forever trust the human ability to achieve all that they will; and to survive all that may come their way in the course of living.

Life has taught me to believe in you. And if you feel unloved at this moment, unrecognized, unappreciated, alone and lonely, just with your beating heart and the seemingly impossible dream; I want you to always remember that at least somebody believes in you and wishes you well.

Please let me know when you make it. This is to your ultimate success!

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