Miracles Do Happen

Miracles do happen; they still do.
When at the start of 2016 a small girl of 12 years old was asked if she thought she could win the coveted one million dollars, which was the prize for the winner of the international talent show America’s Got Talent (AGT), her simple, humble response was “…miracles do happen, so possibly.” And yes, she went on to win the competition. Playing her colourful ukuleles – an instrument she explained she just learnt to play a few months before the competition began – smiling always, and singing songs that she wrote and composed herself in a voice that’s sometimes, but always sweetly and uniquely, croaky, this little girl competed in an intense battle against an array of talented and much older and experienced individuals, but yet, she won! She became rich and popular, her life changed forever.
After winning the competition, Grace Vanderwaal has gone on to perform on both TV shows and live events in America and abroad. She is also already getting brand endorsement deals for major brands like LG. Recently I saw her singing on Youtube and what caught my attention was the inscription on the ukulele she was playing. Written beautifully across the small guitar were the words: miracles do happen.
The story of Grace, like many others, proves that truly at times, unlikely things happen to unlikely people. This we call miracles or acts of God. I believe in miracles.
However, there are certain things I’ve observed about miracles and the people who experienced them. Strangely enough, miracles seem to happen to individuals who somehow find the courage against all odds to come out, put their foot forward, stick out their necks, and work toward those miracles. These are individuals like you and me, who feel limited and unqualified for certain things in life; ordinary people who have genuine limitations, have suffered major setbacks, or lack the necessary requirements. But yet, they are stubborn enough to still want to go forward and try. They know they might fail; they know people will most likely laugh at them; they feel incapable; they are afraid and anxious and unsure; they even sometimes dread what might come next: but yet, they refused to stop. THEY DECIDED TO DO IT ANYWAY.


One such person is this guy called Angus in the movie based on a true story: “Faith Like Potatoes“. It was from this guy I heard the following words: “The condition for a miracle is difficulty. The condition for a great miracle is impossibility.” Angus was a broke and broken farmer who left Zambia for South Africa. And acting on a feeling of faith, against the advice of friends and family and the gentle dissuasion of his pastor, he went on to plant potatoes (a farm crop that requires lots of water to germinate) during a drought. The only farmer who tried such ‘foolishness’. And guess what he got: Bumper Harvest! That was a great miracle, experienced by a man who dared greatly.


Long before Angus, there was the story of two young brothers who believed, tried and failed, tried again, persisted, and experienced a very great miracle. But before this miracle occured, in what I consider a great humour, a certain clergy during a radio interview when he was asked if it would be possible for humans to fly, had answered that God had purposed that birds should fly in the sky and man walk on the earth; concluding that air flight would be impossible for man to achieve. The humour is that it was this same clergy’s two sons, Wilbur and Orville Wright, that achieved the man-powered flight for the first time. Because of these two brothers, who had everything going against them – their father didn’t believe in their cause; they were poor and had to use money from their bicycle-repair shop to finance their work; their chief competitor was a world war 2 veteran engineer supported by government funding and enjoying huge media coverage – but yet held on tenaciously to their dream, humans now experience a daily miracle: flying in the sky.
In every instance of the examples given above, a miracle occured because an ordinary person had an idea or a dream, believed in them, acted upon them against all odds, and kept on going no matter what. And the course of history was forever altered.
Can your miracle be the next? Will you let it be?

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