Your Voice of Greatness

In one of his talks, the great motivational speaker Les Brown narrated how, after a session he had with some kids, he received a letter from this young lady and she wrote: “the voice of greatness has called me, and I’m afraid to answer“.
The words of this young lady echoed the feeling of a vast majority of people in the world. It is the reason why our world is beset with so many problems. Because the people who have been endowed with the capabilities and have been called to solve these problems – or to even bring about creations that would have made such problems not to occur at all – have been too afraid to answer the call of greatness. They feel inadequate, incapable, unprepared, un-everything. Or they just are too lazy to rise up and take action. Or they just feel comfortable with the little thing they are doing in their little corner; they don’t want to “expose themselves to the world”.
There are more people in the world today than the problems facing humanity. I believe strongly that if everyone of God’s creations will answer their call and play their part adequately, humans will beat the challenges confronting them hands down. The problem really is that it is only a very few that has become responsible for the entire universe. It is too heavy a burden to bear, which is why the world seems to be sinking into deeper problems every single moment. We need more hands on deck. And no, it is not that some people are handicapped! I’ve seen – and I’m sure you too have heard of, read about and seen – very handicapped persons rise to prominence; I’ve seen men and women singlehandedly fight poverty and achieved tremendous wealth; citizens of societies have given their blood and sweat to attain independence from colonialism, freed themselves from the shackles of slavery and prejudice, and stepped over the ruins of civil wars to build peaceful, progressive societies. I’ve seen the blind, the maimed, the emotionally and sexually abused, and the ex-prisoner; I’ve seen these come out of their blinding darkness holding torches of hope to light the world. But in all these cases, it is only one person or a handful of people who have championed the cause. One person who answered the call of greatness and inspired a nation.
What about you, what is your response to the voice of greatness as it calls to you? The students that need your special attention as a compassionate teacher; the community that needs your ability and skills and energy to organize for positive movements; the society that needs your integrity and passion to end national poverty and corruption; the family that expects and deserves more from their loving father or mother; the poor that hopes for more affordable food from your unique farming programme; the masses that wait eagerly to benefit from your technological/ideological innovations as a Doctor or Professor in your field; the world that is waiting to read your book, watch your movie, hear your voice of hope, follow your courageous and visionary leadership. Your God who keeps waiting for you to prove He did not waste His time creating you.
Those visions in your head, the imaginations of your mind, the beating of your heart a little faster; that gentle prodding in your very core to do something more and better for your family, your loved ones, your community, your nation, this world; that feeling of dissatisfaction with the status quo. These are all voices of greatness callling to you, asking you to make the world a little better for us all.
Greatness beckons to you because there is a role for you to play. Those problems around you, deserve more than just your complaints or prayers. If a passing vehicle splatters mud and dirty water on you, you just don’t complain and pray about it, no. You may complain, but then you get clean water and detergent, wash the stained clothes and take a shower to clean yourself. So also the problems around you require you take positive actions, contributing your quota passionately and adequately. And the more problems you solve, the more you’re contributing; the greater your impact; and the greater your reward and level of greatness.
For everyone’s sake, starting with you, I implore you to take courage today and answer this call of greatness.

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