The Game of Your Life

Stories are powerful and highly inspiring. They have been described as the best and most effective way to share one’s passion.
All through the month of April, I’ve decided to share stories that express great truths and have inspired me in my life’s journey. some of these may be fables, but most will be true stories. And I am certain they will inspire you in your own work and in your journey through life.
The first story is one shared by Zig Ziglar in his best-selling book “See You at the Top”. It’s the story of a famous painting that shows the Devil sitting across a chess board from a young man. The Devil has just made his move and it looks like the young man’s king is checkmated. Written all over the young man’s face is a picture of despair and defeat.
Then one day, the great chess genius – Paul Mercer – stood looking at the painting, carefully studying the position on the chess board, when suddenly his face lit up and he shouted at the young man in the picture: “Don’t give up, you still have a move!”
Many times, we find ourselves in the position of that young man, sitting across the devil called Life, in the game of our life. And it seems like we have lost the game, there’s no more move, we’ve hit the end of the road. We feel hopeless and the next reasonable thing to do is give up.
Which is why we need to ocassionally detach ourself from the game we’re playing. You know, like the coach or the fans standing outside the field of play, we can see many things that the players are not seeing. So when it seems like you have come to the end of your moves, take a break, breathe, say a word of prayer, meditate, listen to a good song or read a good book. Stand on the sideline for a while and regain your energy, renew your vision.
Do whatever will help you to see more clearly and think better. Plan your next move. Because like that genius, if you will not quit, you will soon realise that the game is really not over. You’ve still got a move – most likely the winning move. You always do.

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