To Be, Or Not To Be

To be… not to be… To be… not to be….

To do… not to do… To go… not to go….

To be….

I once saw a quote that goes something like this: ‘the weak think first and act later; the strong act first and think later.’ I didn’t know at the time whether to go with the bravery of the strong acting before thinking or go with the wisdom of the weak thinking before acting. I guess this is something for the experts on personality types to handle.

One thing is sure enough though: to get anything done, one must decide to begin; and to get anywhere, one must choose to start. Until action sets in, nothing is achieved or achievable.

I’m certain you didn’t enjoy the ‘to be’ word game at the opening of this post, but I can bet it you will enjoy much less the ‘to be’ lifestyle.

Nobody likes a person who can’t decide what they want. So also does life not like the individual who can’t seem to take solid, timely decisions concerning the direction for their life. And life punishes such individuals – with poverty, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, mediocrity, unfulfilled life, unhappiness, and many others that describe the limited life, as against the abundant life.

But I’m sure you want to live the abundant life – every right thinking human (even animals) want it. And the only way to experience that is to decide to be!

In the school of success, there is no wishing. You know the proverb, ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.’ Well, wishes were not horses – hard luck to the wishers.

But there is a horse you can ride to get anywhere in life – her name is Decision. I encourage you to put a rein on that horse today and ride her to wherever your heart desires – turn your wishes into realities, by deciding.

Also, do not spend too much time deciding what to do. Don’t get caught playing the ‘to do… or not to do’ game. Give just enough time to considerations and analyzing the situation, then decide whether to do it (and do it!) or not to do it (then leave it, and go on to the next thing.)

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