The Bullfrog Mentality

I learnt something interesting recently about the frog: if you put it in boiling water, it will immediately jump out – meaning you can’t kill the frog by throwing it in hot water. How then do you kill a frog?

You put the frog in a pot of cold water, set fire under the pot and watch as the unsuspecting frog ‘relaxes’ to its death.

You see, the frog has a wonderful body mechanism that allows it to adjust its body temperature to adapt to different temperatures. So, as the water gets warmer, the frog just keeps adjusting its temperature to adapt; it keeps doing this until the water boils and gets too hot for the frog. By this time the frog is ‘caught up’ and can’t get out again. And you can guess what happens then.

There’s a one-word summary for the story of the frog above; it is complacency.

Be smarter than the frog – resist outrightly anything that can jeopardize the life you planned and desire to live. Because if you allow just a little this time; you will soon become overwhelmed with too much of it everytime. I will like to share with you the story of a nation and people that suffered just that. It is a nation called Nigeria.

Once a prosperous nation of God-fearing, highly moral people; this country began to witness the slow but steady rape of her people and resources by her own people. From having enough to eat and share at any given time, the people moved down to just ‘3 square meals’ only for the family and then two meals, until it becomes a major victory to be able to feed in the morning. The majority millions watched (complacently) as a handful of men and women carted away their collective prosperity and impoverished all others. Good people kept silent as dishonourable individuals turned their sons into day-time fearless criminals and their daughters into prostitution. Morality was murdered; culture buried; lives valued for less than a farthing. And today, that nation is one of the poorest on earth, less than a shadow of its former self. The people’s self-image is averagely less than good.

The reason? COMPLACENCY!

If the people had known how it would turn out, they definitely would have fought it, because history recorded that they were a brave, courageous people. But they were unsuspecting; it crawled on them unawares. Each generation was just okay and thought the next generation should be able to deal with it. Like the frog, the Nigerian people have tremendous ability to adapt to suffering and so they just kept adjusting their lifestyle and happiness to suit the depreciating standard of life and living. And it only got worse with each generation, until the country is now of mostly helpless people who only turn to prayer as the only solution. They have been made to be gradually dependent on the leaders and oppressive class for so long, that they now believe there is no way to deal with these leaders – even with the powerful weapon that democracy places in the hands of the masses.

An individual’s life is just like the life of a nation: whatever you don’t like that you refuse to deal with now will only grow worse until it gets out of hand, and takes over your life. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. Refuse to settle; aspire for better and greater – and strive to attain your aspirations.

3 thoughts on “The Bullfrog Mentality

  1. This is great and true. You hit d nail on d head. Yes, I have heard about the story of the frog so many times but never related it the way you just did. Thanks and remain blessed.

  2. Thanks Paul for the kind words. Glad you found the post useful, but I’m even more glad to connect with another young Nigerian willing to see the real problem as this is the only way to move the nation forward.
    I’ve checked out your website and I have to say you’re doing a great job bro. Good luck

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