The Chess Game of Life

Life is a game. Here’s how.

Members of a team join the team at different times; so also are the people of the world born one at a time.

Each team member possesses the talent to play the game; every human is born with gifts and talents to be a productive part of the human race.

Talents notwithstanding, a sports man or woman must of necessity train to develop the necessary skills if they intend to excel. Every man and woman must also acquire requisite skills and training if they will excel in the game of life.

Discipline and character are a serious sports man’s watch words; it is so for every individual who is serious about achieving their dreams and goals in life.

Different players hold different positions to contribute to the success of the team. In the same vein, people play different roles through careers, professions, etc in maintaining life. Also, just as any selfish player will undermine the efforts of the team, so will a greedy, selfish individual throw the balance of the society in jeopardy.

Teams that desire to win give their all on the field of play; those who truly desire to win in life even know this better – they understand that sweat, toil, tears and blood must be sacrificed to get the highest reward.

And just as every team member knows that the greatest moment is when the cup is lifted and the gold awarded in honour of their team, so also does every member of society knows that the most precious moments in life are when goals and aspirations are finally achieved – certificates are obtained, promotion comes, living standard improves, dreams come true.

Life is indeed a game. I believe it is by careful observation of life that sports are developed as replicas to teach humans how to better manage our world.

But I believe also, that the game of chess is the closest replica of life.

While playing chess, one may be tempted to see the pieces on the board as the opponents, while in truth the opponent is the hand that moves the pieces (that hand represents the person determining the moves). In the big game of life, this hand is called Life.

As you live your life chasing your dreams – after having done the necessary things that will ensure you win the game – remember that your opponent is Life and not the people that come your way. Like you, these people are just players playing against the big opponent – Life. Don’t fight the people. Rather, work together to fight and win life.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye said: “When a person has discovered his purpose; you will realize that you are not competing against any man, but that you are racing against time.” And Time – like all other challenges and unforeseen circumstances – are Life’s implements in competing against you.

Prepare adequately like a sports man or woman, learn not to fight people but rather, to deal with Life and its messengers, and you will well win this game.

Here’s to your ultimate success!

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