You Can Win

To win in life – against poverty, sicknesses, marital problems, obstacles, grieves and pains – one has to live life with a positive attitude. And yet, this remains one of the greatest challenges ever – living positively in the face of daunting challenges and setbacks.

If you will let me, I will attempt to show you how you can develop a positive outlook towards life always, ensuring that you can live your life the way God intends that you live it; the way your heart and soul desire to live it. Believe me, this works. It has worked over the ages for all great men and women ever recorded in history; it has worked for the successful personalities in our time; and it is working right now for those who have the secret with them. It works for me always.

With this knowledge, you will be able to rise above every setback or misfortune that life may throw at you (let’s face it; we all face unwanted circumstances and painful surprises in our lives). With this knowledge, you will be able to overcome challenges and obstacles on the way to your dreams and happiness. With this knowledge, if you will accept and work with it, you will become as great as you desire in life. Nothing will ever be able to hold you back.

I will be exposing you to three secrets: 1 – the number one reason why you are exactly where you are right now and not reaching out to become all that you possibly can be. 2 – I will introduce you to someone who can help solve all your problems and put you in the right frame of mind for success. 3 – I will show you exactly how you need to cooperate with this person so that you can live a wonderful life, every day.

First, the truth about why you are where you are.


That is the greatest enemy standing in your way: fear. And before you begin to argue that you are not afraid and it’s something else that’s stopping you, please read this through. Many times, we don’t even know when we are afraid; many times, we even describe fear as wisdom – being careful.

This is why you hear people talk about how they are not doing something yet because they don’t want to act irrationally; they say it’s not safe right now due to…; some even say they are contended – and they believe it; some others say common sense knows this won’t work….

Take a look at the most successful people in all fields. If you study their stories well enough, you will discover that the one thing they all seem to have in common is – lack of common sense. Why? Common sense is the enemy of risk; and risk is the only way to true success.

Look at an entrepreneur selling his property to start a venture… look at a pregnant woman going into labour… look at a commercial driver about to embark on a six-hour journey with the passengers… look at a believer giving his hard-earned money to a God he has not seen because he believes in a reward… a pilot flying planes in the air… a farmer sowing seeds worth millions of naira in the ground… an average person making plans and investing for tomorrow…. Think of all these. The only assurance in each situation is there is absolutely no assurance. Common sense would have required those involved to take a different course of action; but they are risk takers. As a matter of fact, common sense when properly applied, will urge you to take calculated risks, for life is worthless without risks.

Some people say they would have acted but they are waiting for a sign or for the voice of God directing them. My answer is – what sign are you waiting for? And for those waiting to hear God’s voice, I ask, ‘If you are waiting for God’s voice to act, have you heard His voice asking you not to act?’ So, if you have not heard God, why are you taking the negative action (not acting) and not the positive action? In either way, you are doing what you want, not what God wants.

To those who say they are contended, here’s my answer: If you lose your present job, or lose your car, house or other valuable possession, will you be able to survive the consequence? Can you immediately replace what you lose? If the answer is no, then ‘common sense’ should tell you that you need more so that you can save enough for the troublesome days that nobody prays for but yet, everyone encounters. Having more than you need is not to acquire material possessions, but to have insurance for the unknown future and also enough to help others with less priviledge and opportunities.

The fearless men of Babel wanted to build a tower that would touch the heavens and God agreed that they would have succeeded, unless He did something to stop them. If you have no fear, you would build success – good life, happy family, great relationships, great fortunes, happiness, good health, spirituality – that will reach to the heavens.

You will attain greatness if you live without fear. Because you will follow your dreams; you will leave a job that’s killing you and build your own business; you will take your business to the next level; you will trust your spouse and work to build a great home and awesome family; you will live the life that you desire. If you have no fear.

Understand today, that the only thing that stands between you and the great, awesome life that you truly deserve is man’s common enemy – fear! You need not argue the truth, for “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Your question then should be, ‘How do I overcome fear and live my life?”

To answer that question, I’ll be introducing you to the one person who can truly help you to solve the problem of fear, and also show you how to cooperate with this person to overcome fear and become the true you. But I’ll be doing this in my next post.

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