Looking Ahead

It’s July, the first month in the second half of the year. If I asked the question, ‘How has it been so far?’ I’m sure I’ll get a ‘room-full’ of stories of diverse kinds.

Instead, I’m simply going to ask ‘What next?’

Since those other months have gone and you can’t have them back, what are your plans for the coming months? What do you plan to achieve in the days and months ahead, in the second half of the year? Now is the time to start planning towards that.

If you didn’t make any plans for the first half, I believe you need to start making plans now; think of the direction for your life and what must be done to get there. Remember that failure to plan is planning to fail. Plan nothing; get nothing.

Don’t just wait for things to happen; that way, you will always be a victim of circumstances. Instead, decide what you want and where you want to go, determine to make it happen and go out and get it. Now, you may not get all you set out to get, but no matter what you get (big or little) you will have the satisfaction of getting some of what you want out of life and not just taking what life feels like throwing at you.

If you’ve failed in the past; learn your lesson, plan better, try again and give it all you’ve got. Remember, you have not failed until you stop trying.

Don’t look back regretting; you honestly don’t have the time for that. Life goes on – it doesn’t care about your regrets and self-pity, no, it’s only waiting for your next move. Move then. And make it big. Bigger than before. Keep looking ahead, and soon, you will get ahead. Promise!

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