Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein

Let’s play the imagination game for a moment:

Imagine that you became sick at age eighteen and lost your hearing as a result, became totally deaf. Naturally, you were weighed down. You lost interest in life and withdrew into a shell, living in self-pity. You kept at this for ten years.

Now at twenty-nine, you decided it is enough. You made up your mind to stop hiding and not just live, but enjoy life. You decided to live your dream and become a singer, something you have been doing since you were four years old.

To achieve that, since you couldn’t hear anything – not even your own voice – you can only follow the music beat by taking off your shoes and picking the vibration through the floor; and you just have to trust your voice and pitch.

And to prove how serious you are, you have decided to compete in the biggest talent show in the world, arguably. You can’t even hear the judges talking to you, you have to depend on your interpreter using sign language. But you are still going to try.

Now, let’s come back to reality. Can you imagine anything more improbable than the above?

But what if I told you it’s true? And what if I showed you the video to prove it?

That is exactly what the video below is. As you watch the video, pay particular attention to the wordings of the original song composed by the lady titled “Try,” a song that tells her story in brief.

As you watch the video, open your heart and hear God’s voice saying to you: “All things are possible to him that believes.” I tell you, you can make great things happen in the world, if only you will believe and try.


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