Every Day Is Your Opportunity

A girl of four became sick, was diagnosed with double pneumonia and lost her kidneys in the process. Her parents thought she would die; it was hard to believe otherwise.

But little Angelica lived, because she got a new kidney from her mother. This loving mother sacrificed one of her kidneys just to save her daughter’s life. And now she would have to live with the hope that their one kidney each will serve them for the rest of their lives. She took a great bet on her daughter, believing that she’s worth being saved – given a shot at life.

Fast forward to 2017. Angelica is now nine years old and loves to sing. She wanted to become a superstar and has the dream of becoming the next Whitney Houston. And so she put up for an international talent show to realize her dreams.

And from the moment she opened her mouth, magic happened. It was apparent that Angelica doesn’t need to dream of becoming a superstar; she is already. A gift to humanity.

When I came across her video, I immediately felt I had to share it with my readers. But first, permit me to share my thoughts on this.

As I repeatedly watched the video, seeing the tears on the parents’ faces as their daughter did them proud, I thought to myself: “What if this girl had died; what if the mother had not made the sacrifice; what great dream would have been lost forever.” I have very little doubt these were the same thoughts running through the parents’ mind.

It occurred to me that every day, as we wake up from our sleep and face the day, life is giving us another opportunity like little Angelica. All the pains, troubles, failures, shame and fears washed away by the night; and the morning saying to us “Here’s a brand new day; live your life; face your fears; chase your dreams; and shine.”

We also have to each day give the same opportunity to our dreams. We have to sacrifice our fears, pride, ego, comfort zone and negative mindset and give life to our dreams and purpose, and let them shine.

As you watch the video below and imagine what a great loss it would have been to the parents if this girl had not been given a chance at life, I encourage you to honestly ask yourself: “What if I’m allowing my fears to take life from my dreams and my great plans for myself and others…”

And if that is true, won’t you rise up now and live your life? Do what has to be done, so that you don’t arrive at tomorrow sad and unfulfilled because you know you could have done more but didn’t.

What if you follow your heart and make all that you desire happen for yourself and others… what a wonderful life that would be for you!


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