Through It All

I’ve written about Mandy Harvey before. She became totally deaf at eighteen and gave up for a while. But she later came to herself and decided to live again and follow her dreams – to be a musician. She has to feel the tempo of the beat through the vibration from the floor and just trust her voice pitch, since she couldn’t hear herself as she sings. And yet, all these cannot stop the determined Mandy.

I recently saw her live performance with words that are strong enough to help anyone through difficult times. The opening line says:

Grander earth has quaked before

Moved by the sound of His voice

Seas that are shaken and stirred

Can be calmed and broken, for my regard

Through it all… my eyes are on You

Through it all… it is well

And then:

Far be it for me to not believe

Even when my eyes can’t see

And this mountain that’s in front of me

Will be thrown into the midst of sea

Watch the rest below.

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