You’re a Star

What can you do with a piece of paper torn into four pieces?

That question was aptly answered by an eight-year old magician. Yes, magician.

1st runner up in the 2017 edition of Britain’s Got Talent, eight year old Issy Simpson was a star to behold. Now, I personally do not like magic – sorry, I’m a Christian. But the commitment and energy – more than the particular talent – of Issy is what thrills me. She proved that no matter what you do, if you will be bold enough to step forward and share yourself with the world, great things can happen for you.

In her final performance, as she prepares to perform her last magic act dedicated to her four-year old brother, holding up a piece of playing card that she then tore into four pieces, she said the following:

It’s proof that no matter how young or old you are; if you work hard and believe, you can take anything – even these pieces of paper – and make truly magical things happen.

Watch what happens next in the video below:


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