It’s a New Beginning

Just the other day, I was going through my 2017 ‘New Year Resolutions’, a set of goals which I made for that year. I checked the short term goals under each Long Term goal to determine how I fared in the overall, and I did my calculations at the end. Guess what I scored? 37.5%!

Just four daring, significant but not-impossible Major Resolutions (long term goals) and a few Objectives/Action points (short term goals) that I believed would make my life considerably better in that year, and yet all I could do amounted to less than 40%. I guess that makes me a failure in 2017, right? Shameful?

I don’t know what you think. But for me, I was happy, excited. I wasn’t a failure; I was not ashamed. I give myself no time for regrets.

I didn’t do well enough – doing the calculations and review just made me realise that. But what that means for me is to sit up and brace up for a better 2018.

Since then, I have reviewed my 2018 Goals and have started pursuing them with a passion far greater than that of 2017. Unlike in 2017 when I just wrote down the goals in my reminder, this time around, I produced and printed large versions of the goals and put in places where I can and will easily see them, including pasting a copy on my wardrobe door. Of course, I still wrote it down in my reminder, which I carry with me everywhere.

And now, just a few days into the second month of the year, I’m already ticking off items on the short term goals. Even seemingly complex goals are coming off pretty soon. I have no doubt that 2018 will be a far better year for me than the previous ones. And this because I am building on the lessons (both postive and negative) of the past year.

And I have shared this to remind you that no matter how 2017 fared for you, that year is gone. This is 2018 and 2018 is a new beginning. No regrets; just review the year, make necessary adjustments and begin to pursue your goals in the present year with new zest and determination.

And I also want to encourage you – if you have not done so already – to set goals for 2018. Don’t just mark them in your mind – write them down. It will help you as the year progresses to know how you’re doing and what needs to be done or done differently.

2018 is still a long journey ahead. You can still prepare adequately to make it a great year, for you and your loved ones.

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