The wisest fool

Years ago, while I was still a university student, my father told me that it was possible for one man to be wiser than an entire country for a hundred years. My father studied history and he used the story of King James VI & I, described by old English historians as “the wisest fool in Christendom”, to illustrate his point.

King James VI & I (who sponsored the English translation of the Bible, with the Authorized King James version so named after him) suffered great opposition and even greater criticism and ridicule for his vision and drive for the Union of the Crowns. According to my father, it was some hundred years later that the king’s proposition began to make sense to the people and many of his critics began to change their mind about him. Many modern historians favour the king as a visionary.

My father told this story to teach me a simple yet eternal truth: Follow your heart. Don’t follow the band wagon. Do not discredit your own beliefs just because of what others say or how they feel about them. If you’ve made certain that you are right and on the right course, then don’t be afraid to stand up, even if it means standing alone. Time will tell.


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