Because tomorrow will come

Of course, you know what the farmer’s doing when he puts his seeds in the ground. He is not burying dead seeds to decay and go to waste; he’s giving his seeds the opportunity to go under so they can come back up richer and fuller. 

The farmer understands that there are plenty of fruits in every grain, but also that the seed must first be hidden underneath the earth if it will grow and yield its full potential.

The farmer understands that between sowing and harvest, waiting time is required and he must wait patiently if he must experience a bountiful harvest. 

The farmer understands that the more he sows, the more he reaps; that the quality of the seed determines the quality of fruits at harvest; and that the high-yield, high-value crops usually take longer to mature. 

And the farmer understands that the weeding, watering, tending and nurturing performed in the fields are not efforts in futility no matter how long or painful, but investments that will bring rewards in the course of time. 

The farmer understands this basic life principle: service before reward. 

If you understand that you are that farmer; that the world is your field; and that your gifts, talents, works, ideas are your seeds, then you have found a true gold mine.  

You must invest yourself. Allow yourself to be buried in your work, hidden for the moment while you with commitment develop your skills and serve humanity with your gifts, talents and calling. You must not allow yourself to fall into mediocrity, waste time or pursue the fake life of social media celebrity make-belief, spending money you don’t have to impress people who don’t know or care about you.

You must always remember that everything about today is a seed for tomorrow. And it’s as sure as the sun and the moon that tomorrow will come.

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