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Joan Baez said that ”action is the antidote for despair”

Lisa Nichols stated that ”action is the prescription for success”

And yet there are many who take action towards their goals but end up in despair, or worse, as failures (getting to the point where they conclude that they are not capable to achieve their goal and refusing to continue trying). This is because action is not enough.

It is good to pick up the courage to act. But what if the first try fails to deliver? And the second?… and the third? More often than not, the initial actions fail, sometimes woefully. When this happens, what do you do? 

The only way to get what you want is to try one more time, always one more time, until you get it. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, if you don’t have it, then you need to try one more time. 

I remember a time that I was trying to remove the damaged engine of a metal door. The engine was welded to the door and no matter how hard I hit with the hammer, the frame would not bulge, it remained intact. I was frustrated and decided to give up. I was certain the engine would not bulge and I would have to call a carpenter. 

But then I decided to try one more time – I was stubborn and don’t give up easily. I always liked to have my way. So I decided to go at it again, at least for one last time. I touched the engine frame slightly with the hammer, getting ready to raise my hand to hit hard. But then something strange happened… the metal engine frame shifted. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I touched gently again, and the engine frame dropped off the door. 

I was frustrated thinking my hard hits had been of no value. But then a little touch showed me that my labour had not been in vain. The metal frame was weak and defeated and all that remained was just one more try to taste the sweet victory of accomplishment. And if I had given up just before that gentle stroke, then another man – the carpenter – would have come in and harvested my labour.

Life is like that. If you will not only pick the courage to start, but will encourage yourself to take action failure after failure, applying learned lessons, then when you least expect, the tide will turn in your favour. Your time will come. And your reward with it.

So I tell you: Of all the principles of success, persistent action is the greatest. 

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