Ahead of time

I’ve learnt how to run faster than time. I mean, practically. And you can too if you will.

The secret is a simple, single word.

With this, you can be ahead of your contemporaries, always. You can overtake those who had gone far before you. You can make happen in a year to two, what averagely takes 10-20 years to accomplish.

When I took my first job as a primary school teacher in 2005, it was hard for me.

First, I wanted to venture immediately into entrepreneurship; I hated working for a pay day, so I hated my job.

Second, I was joining an organization that had teachers with 10-20 years experience on average.

And third, I was just coming out of a terrible sickness that had got me hospitalized, mostly unconscious. The owner and proprietress of the school, though impressed with the results of my written and oral tests, doubted if my health would allow me to cope with the rigours of the job.

But at the end of one year, I was the toast of that school. I was made the head of various important committees with my opinions highly sought after. The supervisors showed me genuine love and there was admiration from other colleagues.

While in a conversation with another colleague one day, he revealed to me what the other teachers thought about me: that I must be well experienced to know so much. It was thought I must be teaching for over 15 years to have garnered so much experience and developed such teaching skills.

The above became the norm in all my jobs and other endeavours.

The truth though, as I’ve stated above, is I did not have much skills or years of experience. What I had – which is still as effective today – is:


– Going to the library and searching online to find answers when the others simply threw in the towel and say conveniently: this is impossible; nothing can be done.

– staying late into the night to find a way or solve a complex problem for the organization.

– working weekends with no extra pay; just making sure that the work gets done.

– constantly updating myself and working on my relationship with the superiors and counterparts.

In a nutshell, my passionate approach to life and work – the commitment that goes into all that I do – has marked me out, granted me privileges (I don’t want to recount these so it doesn’t look like this is about me) and put me many years ahead of the pack. My appetite for learning and growing, and commitment to performance excellence simply put me ahead of many others.

Why? Because in a world where many employees just wanted the salary and care less about the organization; where fewer and fewer read and actively seek knowledge and proper understanding of issues; where selfishness makes it hard for a lot of people to build positive relationships; and social media and other pleasures have stolen time and make commitment impossible; the individual who disciplines themselves and sacrifice their resources to build a better world, such individuals will shine.

You can appear to others as being older or wiser or more experienced simply by being so committed that you will always find answers and find a way.

This is passion. And it’s your tool to cheat time, overcome obstacles, and stay ahead of competition.

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