You need to be heard

Are people listening to you?

Do you have something important, of immense value, that people need to know and hear about? A message, product or service that you believe can help humanity and make our world better?

But then, are you finding it hard to get people to listen to, and believe in you?

Here’s what you need to do.

You need to prove yourself. Prove that what you have can actually do what you’re promising people that it will do.


Because people believe more in what you do than what you say. People will firstly buy into what you do before they believe in whatever you’re saying.

So, here’s the deal. Use the 9th law in Robert Greene’s book “the 48 Laws of Power” – the law of Demonstration.

Yes, you can talk to close friends and family about your dreams and visions or whatever it is you’re offering; but for the rest of the world, you have to prove that you are genuine and that you are not trying to take advantage of people. And the only way you can do that is by paying your dues. By what you do over and over and over again. Until people begin to buy into you.

When people see that you are genuine and that they can follow you; when you have proven yourself by what you do, then people can begin to buy into what you say – into your message, into your service, into your product.

Think of a way by which you can actually add value, by which you can show that what you are offering is valuable. Prove it!

You have an idea that you think can solve society’s problem. Why don’t you get a group of people together, give them what you have. When this group becomes successful using your method and everybody can see; they will go out and become your disciples.

You know Jesus Christ had to first of all ‘amaze’ Peter and his brothers by showing them how to catch an abundance of fish where earlier they’d toiled without catching anything. This little group of people believed in Him, and immediately they left everything and followed Him, and they became His disciples, going everywhere for His sake. And everywhere He went, He did the same thing. He would perform a miracle – heal the sick, etc – before He would talk about the gospel. Those who have witnessed His miracles, they’ve already bought into Him, so when He shared the gospel, it’s a lot easier for them to believe His message because they have bought into His person.

Think of ways you can get people to buy into you by what you do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in line with your offering.

Mahatma Ghandi was going to deliver the Indians from British colonization. But unlike his friends, he didn’t join politics and start preaching independence, no. He went into the farms, the rice paddies, and became friends with the poor people. He became one with them and they became one with him. And when they realized that as a friend he can actually help them to actualize their dream of a free India, they followed him, even with their lives. They bought into him and so they bought into his ideology.

Think of a way by which you can show people that you care about them. Make yourself a person that people will buy into. Then they will be willing to buy into your product or your service or your idea of a better society and better world.

Think about it: How would you rather follow a man? Is it because you wake up one day and you see this man standing and dangling his great idea before your face? You don’t know where he is from, you don’t know who he is.

Or on the other hand, someone who has been there; who had shared your meal, who had offered her shoulder when you cried, who had held your hand when you were down. And then he said, “Look friend, I have a way out of this predicament”.

Who would you rather follow?

Be that person that others will be willing to follow. Pay your dues first. And people will listen to you.

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