The greatest

Love is a powerful force.

The most powerful of all.

And love is a choice, not an effect (you know, cause and effect?).

Love is not what you do as a consequence of what has been done to you; it is what you decide to do and to give, first and last.

All the principles, philosophies and scientific/medical or even spiritual practices could not match the force of love.

Love is not a feeling. Love is a commitment; a determination to do and be, and it is this decision that gives meaning to the feeling. It differentiates between romance and true love.

Reason and diplomacy have not stopped wars but love can. It thinks of others’ well-being and forgives when offended. If a face-off is unavoidable, love is quick to reconcile. It says with open arms: if you’re willing, I’m willing. And ready.

Two people, two nations – humans – living with love will never live short of peace and progress.

Love is the greatest.

Living with love, confers on you true greatness.

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