Make your life count

In traffic, I watch people travail, the ups and downs, the maddening crowd, the hurry and the haste, the hustle and bustle.

I often wonder what life is all about. And many times it’s easier to conclude that all is vanity. That all men’s labour eventually end in death, and then nothing.

But that’s not true. I’ve been given the grace to understand better.

When we live our lives to serve others. When there is a greater purpose to our work than just money or the accumulation of material things. When we genuinely care for people, that we would forego an opportunity to make money or gain promotion, for the happiness and well-being of others.

When we deliberately live in such a way that those who know us are happy that we are alive, and those coming after us are happy with the true wealth (money, love, values and resources) that we bequeath them, then we become the true definition of life and living.

For life is not about the struggles; it is rather the opportunity to learn, create and transfer values. It is the desire to contribute significantly to humanity; to create a better life than we were given, and to leave the world even better than we lived it.

It is this definite purpose to contribute more that makes the struggles – and the pleasures – of life worthwhile. With this, life is never vanity; it is purposeful.

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