The joy of living

I had great dreams growing up. I wanted to be rich. I wanted to be famous. I dreamt of being powerful: a mighty king, the president of a country, the leader.

I was an introvert, meaning I stayed indoors mostly, reading. Or dreaming. I had so much time alone to be whoever I wanted or go wherever my imagination could take me.

However, I started to grow up, and the reality of life shattered a great many of my dreams. For example, I was in the school’s Relay Team in my primary school and I would tell my parents how I’m going to one day run for my country. But then, my final year in the school saw me with a painfully debilitating respiratory disease that killed that dream. The disease would last for more than twenty years.

But through all of these, there was a particular dream of mine that survived. I couldn’t outgrow it; no disease was able to kill it. It remained the greatest driving force of my life even at my lowest moments.

It was the dream to help people; to support the weak, provide for the poor, comfort the sorrowful, and just make the world a little happier for humanity to live in.

I guess one of the reasons this dream survived was because I didn’t need to be rich or powerful to have it fulfilled. I didn’t even need to be absolutely happy or fulfilled myself to live the dream.

In every moment of my life, through thick and thin, the good and the bad, I have always the opportunity to give a helping hand to another person. Sometimes it’s money; another time it’s old, used clothes or shoes. Sometimes it’s a visit or helping with a difficult work.

Many times it’s just a smile and some kind words.

Now, Christmas is here again. I’m thinking of little ways (or big ways) I can help.

I know you’ve had many of your dreams shattered too. Life is just like that. But I’m certain your dream of giving is still very much alive.

If you come to think of it, our accomplishments and acquisitions are not just enough to make us happy. Sometimes, sadly, they just weigh us down.

But the light that shines from the other’s soul when we lend a hand will never fail to give us a genuine feeling of happiness.

Giving is the real joy of living. That’s what I thought.

What do you think?

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