Knowledge vs Action

Knowledge is power.

But then, why are there so many knowledgeable persons who are powerless? They know much, yet they accomplish so little.

The simple answer is that knowledge without action equals misery.

To accomplish anything, you need to act. No matter how little you know, when you start to act, you start to experience progress.

Then again, action without knowledge can be dangerous. Or frustrating. It makes one a mediocre.

People who work hard with no knowledge – of how to keep and grow the money they have made; or how to scale their businesses; or even what to do with themselves now they have better standard of living – soon end up ruining their own dreams. What diligence built, ignorance destroys.

The thing to do then is to continue to increase knowledge even as we commit diligently to our work. When we have acquired knowledge, we must take action with it. And as our work brings all-round growth, we pursue adequate knowledge to sustain the growth, and even bring greater accomplishments.

This cycle of knowledge and action is an essential process for continued growth and development, in business, work, and personal life.

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