In a few hours, a new year 2019 will be ushered in.

The new year will alter the date on the calendar. But be not deceived, nothing about life changes. Life goes on like nothing has happened.

By all means celebrate the new year; after all, nothing is as important as life itself. So if you have life in you, celebrate the gift. Appreciate the friends, family, opportunities, hopes and resources (spiritual, physical, material) that you have. Be grateful for a whole year passing and the blessings that you’ve been gifted in the year.

But remember that the season will pass and life continues as usual. Nothing changes, except that which you decide to change.

The new year does not mean an automatic new life for you. You only get a new life if you create one.

So, kill your fears; they are limiting. Get the right perspective; attack life in a new, vigorous way. Plan and execute. Keep learning to keep getting better. Be more committed, more passionate, more resolute.

Decide to create a new life, right from the very start of the new year. That way, 2019 will be your best year ever.

Welcome to a new life.

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