The year of the kind

I like to keep things simple. I don’t like the complex technicalities, just the simple practices that get result.

But then I follow the complex business trends and speculations shared by the experts. I need to keep abreast of social and business developments because that’s important.

And one thing I’ve discovered is that consumers (of products or services or even social causes) are continually leaning towards providers who show interest in their well being, more than just their needs. People like people who like them.

This is a big reason – more than just the size of audience – why adverts on social media are performing so well. Brands follow and like what their customers share (in addition to sharing helpful content and kind thoughts, being a part of our everyday life). And in return, we like them back and choose to buy from them.

The lesson from this is, to get ahead in 2019, whether in business, career or personal life, be genuinely kind to people. Show interest in what others are going through, share their highs and lows. Let people mean more to you than just tools or money-making machines.

And this is so important because the kindness you give will return to you a hundredfold.

People are tired of the euphoriant mass media marketing, which is why consumers (or better, human beings) come together in social groups to protect themselves; they buy what friends or family members recommend. They want to be safe. And a growing number of people are being weighed down by the growing challenges of life. What about you?!

The world – people – needs help, and care, and love. We all do.

And those who can show a human face in their interactions with people will become the new heroes.

Believe me, 2019 is the year of the kind. And you can make use of this piece of information to make it your year.

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