WOW! Friday: Heaven and Hell

Where are you right now? Heaven or hell? Or somewhere in between? Are you in the place you’ve always dreamed of being; or are you somewhere you never imagined you could get into?
On the Words of Wisdom! Friday today, I’m sharing the wisdom of Carrie Fisher, the American actress, writer and comedian who died in 2016 at the age of 60. Though a really successful actress, Carrie in her lifetime suffered from drug addiction and bipolar disorder, a mental disorder characterized by moments of ecstatic happiness and then manic depression. And I believe she’s qualified to comment about heaven and hell.
Carrie said: Sometimes you only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell
We’re all looking for heaven (happiness, joy, peace, love, prosperity) and we can all find heaven. What I’ve found to be a problem is the misunderstanding by a lot of people that you must either take a single, giant leap from hell (every unwanted situation) to land in heaven or you have nothing. But this is so untrue.
It’s good to nurture great dreams, but you must be content with the small beginnings. You should aim to fly high but first learn to take the baby steps. Always work towards happiness and better life, but gradually, progressively.
Do not let the desire to have it all now or get it all right the first time deny you the opportunity of experiencing the joy of gradual growth. Or how joyful would life be if we were born today, become adults the next day or year and grow old the next? The only sure thing then would be death imminent. Nobody wants that, I’m certain.
You desire a life different from the one you presently have? Great. Because the desire that you have is evident that you deserve the better life. Your desire is that better life calling you. And you must answer.
But you must be willing to make progress gradually. There is a lot to learn and so much more to unlearn. Constantly do a little less of what you don’t want and a little more of what you want.
There is no perfect one among us. The little things that we do daily is what separates between the good and the bad, the loved and unloved, the happy and miserable.
Find your heaven. And each time, move towards it as you move away from hell.
That’s all any of us can do.

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Thank you.
Wole Adeoye 😍

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