National prosperity

Came across this video a few days ago, of Sowore, a presidential aspirant in the coming Nigerian general elections.

He shares his ideas of a secure, lighted and progressive Nigeria. Really great dreams.

But I wondered if he had thought of the challenges, and oppositions on the path of progress.

Dreams take time to come to reality. Sometimes, they take a lifetime, and not the four years that politicians promise. No politician anywhere can deliver half the promises they make to the people in their four-year term; not even with a second term.

I look forward to the days when politicians will be humble and sincere enough to tell the people: “we can’t fix this country or state or district on our own and in the time available, but we can try to improve on what’s existing and make it easier for those coming after us to do better and go further than we”.

But then that would only happen when the people understand that politicians are ordinary people from among us and not some super humans; their political offices won’t make them perform better than their capabilities, their titles won’t make them better than they are in real life.

With the above understanding, citizens should vote bearing in mind that the out-of-office accomplishments, contributions and characters of political aspirants will bear on their performance in office.

Also, is that real power is in the peoples’ hands. Only their support will ensure their nation’s growth.

People – all citizens of a country or state – and not the leaders alone, build the nation.

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