Not forgotten

Sometimes in life, it seems like we are forgotten. Like life has passed us by.

We watch as almost every other person seems to overtake us. Nothing we do seems to get us near our goals; at times the greater the effort, the longer the journey seems, the farther away our destination.

This is a painful experience. One that breeds frustration and, if not well managed, can lead to resentment and hopelessness. Many resign to fate and decide to take life as it comes.

But as we hear about the stories of men and women who had endured similar situations but eventually break through, then we realise that all hope is not lost. We learn that times and seasons happen to humans.

If you are going through a difficult situation, know that this is not your end. You may not know what to do at the moment, but with time, a way will show up.

All that is required of you is to just hold on. Hold on and keep trying. You are not the only one and like those stories that you’ve heard about, if you will not give up, the world will share your story of success.

You’re not forgotten. You’re only waiting for your time.

One success is all that’s required, and life will remember you too.

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